Mostar is in the southern part of Bosnia-Herzegovina, not far from Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia. The war in the early 1990s between the Catholic Croats, Orthodox Serbs, and Muslim Bosniaks tore the city apart. For the most part, Bosniaks now live on the east side of the Neretva River (which divides the city) and Croats on the west, but the populations are mixing again.

Old Bridge (Stari Most)

The Old Bridge is Mostar's best known landmark. Built in the middle of the 16th century, it was a symbol of the area, representing how different faiths and cultures came together. The bridge was built so well, it endured Nazi tanks.

Old Town (Stari Grad)

Religious sites

Koski mehmed-Pasha Mosque (Koski Memed-Paša Džamija)

Turkish Bišćević House (Bišćevića Kuća)

This traditional Turkish home was built in the 17th century.

Scars of war